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However, when I first visited Berkeley Castle as a child, I can vividly recall the story told to our party by the guide. He said that Edward’s murderers had held him down in his bed, placed a pillow over his face to stifle his screams, and shoved a funnel up his backside, thereby facilitating the entry of a red-hot poker which did away with him.

2 Nov 2012 I have been to Berkeley before - about 20 years ago. The castle has very restricted visiting times, and is closed every Friday and Saturday - even  Construction of Berkeley Castle began in 1117AD and the keep was completed and reputedly met his end with a red hot poker (or was it the other way round?) A jewel in the crown of British History. Cotswold visitor attraction in an ancient fortress home built in the 12th century. The Berkeley archives are rich both in age and quality. The earliest documents date from 1154 and are older than the castle itself.

Oct 12, 2011

The death of King Edward II of England is a relatively well known story - the time was that every schoolboy in the country would happily tell you he was murdered by having a red-hot poker thrust Berkeley castle in Gloucestershire has been in the possession of the same family for more than 800 years. It is believed that King Edward II was brutally murdered at the castle with a red hot poker in 1327. The castle is mentioned in the Domesday survey of 1086 with the slightly cryptic entry stating "there are five hides belonging to Berkeley which Earl William put out to make the castle". This can be interpreted a number of ways but is now generally assumed to mean he appropriated the associated lands in order to support the new castle.

Nov 02, 2012

History. Berkeley castle is the oldest continually occupied castle in England after the tower of London and Windsor castle. There has been a fortification at the site of the castle since 1067 when a motte and bailey fort was built here by William Fitzosbern shortly after the Norman conquest of Britain. Dec 21, 2020 Berkeley Castle The Fortress that Saw a King's Murder?. If you like your castles with a bit of gruesome history, then you won't find many in England that can beat Berkeley Castle. King Edward II, that lover of art, music and Piers Gaveston, was held prisoner here from April to September 1327, when he was murdered by an unknown hand. One night in August 1323, a captive rebel baron, Sir Roger Mortimer, drugged his guards and escaped from the Tower of London. With the king's men-at-arms in pursuit he fled to the south coast and sailed to France. There he was joined by Isabella, the Queen of England, who threw herself into his arms. A year later, as lovers, they returned with an invading army: King Edward II's forces crumbled He was horribly tortured in the castle, and only died when a red-hot poker was thrust up his rectum. It is reported that his screams could be heard as far away as the village of Berkeley and sometimes his screams can still be heard the anniversary of the King's death. Sep 04, 2012

Mar 05, 2015 · It was a method of execution that would leave no visible marks on the body. However, most historians now agree that the red-hot poker story was just medieval propaganda – possibly inspired by Edward’s rumoured homosexuality. It seems we’ll never know how Edward II died… But maybe Edward didn’t die at Berkeley at all…

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